Sheldon Recruitment strives to understand the dynamics of your company’s needs to provide comprehensive staffing solutions to suit your requirements. Our thorough selection process ensures that the highest calibre employees are offered.

Thorough selection processes

We ensure a good understanding of your business and corporate culture prior to providing top candidates who easily integrate into your organization.

Thorough background checks are conducted to ensure we confidently forward appropriate candidates.

Permanent placements with guarantees

Sheldon Recruitment guarantees correctly matched Candidates to become permanent employees of the Client.

Short term specialists on a needs basis

Temporary Staffing Solutions: Candidates are assigned on a temporary basis, in line with the Clients requirements.

Contract Staffing Solutions: A cost-effective and flexible solution whereby Sheldon Recruitment contracts Candidates to Clients either on a short or long-term basis.

Company internal recruitment processes outsourced to us

We handle your full internal recruitment process:

  • receiving and screening CV’s
  • shortlisting as per company policy
  • conducting preliminary interviews using targeted selection
  • being present on interview panels and preparing interview guides
  • preparing offer of appointment letters and regretting unsuccessful candidates


Sheldon Recruitment takes care of your Human Capital needs & Employee Relations issues. We are attentive to our client’s strategies and objectives and provide personalized services which are compliant with labour laws.

Our services are designed to maximize investment in human capital whilst enabling our clients to focus on their core business.


  • Drafting of employment contracts​
  • Drafting company organograms / organisational structures
  • Preparing Employee records and personnel files
  • Drafting or reviewing HR policies and procedures​
  • Drafting Job Descriptions / Profiles
  • Performance Management​
  • Drafting or reviewing Disciplinary Codes and Procedures​
  • Advising on day to day IR issues
  • Chairing Disciplinary Hearings
  • Dealing with Incapacity and poor work performance
  • Managing absenteeism


  • Workshop & Training course List (2018)(Click to view)
  • Change Management
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Reception Skills & Customer Care
  • Risk Management
  • Social Media Law
  • Team Leader Development
  • Legacy Leadership Programme (presented by Peter van Kets, Kim van Kets & Josh Hayman)


  • Motivational Talks & Workshops List (2018) (Click to view)
  • Presented by Peter van Kets:
    • Connecting the Dots
    • Grit (Nyamazela – Vasbyt)
    • Impossible is nothing!
    • Resolve (Harnessing the passion for success)
  • Presented by Kim van Kets:
    • Adapt and thrive


  • Coaching and Motivational workshops List (2018) (Click to view)
    • Business coaching services
    • Incapacity & disability in the workplace
    • Loving the work you do & doing what you love
  • Expert occupational capability and suitability assessments
  • Personal business coaching and career transition consulting
  • Disability and incapacity consulting, claims management and dispute resolution
  • Medical negligence and risk claims mediation
  • HEALTH PROFESSIONALS TRAINING (University of Cape Town Course) – Presented by Elise Burns-Hoffman


  • Run the payroll for SME’s
  • Advising on Compensation and benefits


Sheldon Recruitment associates with companies who offer various business management systems and solutions that assist with business transformation – connecting boardroom strategy to shop floor activities.


Best Practice Operational Excellence Blueprint: Shop Floor & Integrated Management

Operational excellence – is not only about lean concepts, waste elimination, lower operational costs and optimizing inventory, but more importantly, it is about enabling operations to attain sustainable business growth.

Sustainable business growth – is attained through the ability to successfully execute strategic initiatives and the achievement of goals through process adherence by high performing employees.

In effect – it is the ability to connect the strategy of the boardroom to the activities on the shop floor – efficiently and sustainably.

This is effectively managed through the application of two interrelated lean principles of Shop Floor Management (SFM) and High-Performance Leadership (Activios)

  • Shop Floor Management (SFM) – at a lower, horizontal level measures the organisations “value add” performance, which in turn feeds into the High-Performance leadership system (Activios)
  • High Performance Leadership system (Activios) – takes care of the vertical information flow required for strategic, planning and action management. Activios follows a well-accepted PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) iterative four-step management process; it integrates strategy execution across four critical dimensions (Time, System, Structure & Hierarchy); provides a collaborative environment and a tried and tested methodology for continuous improvement towards a winning culture.


Activios – Towards a winning culture

When the right people have access to real time intelligent data driven insights, they make winning decisions, which leads to an agile environment of performance, accountability and trust and enables people to collaborate effectively in complex business environments.

Activios is a proven methodology and enabling technological environment for creating and sustaining a high-performance culture.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Assists organisations in managing communications, Key Performance Indicators & deadlines
  • Automates business processes by setting up:
    – Standardised system parameters
    – Process based processes
    – Integrated system views
    – Organisational structures
  • Tracks and manages activity from a single interface and dashboard
  • Measures performance
  • Provides connectivity and control
  • User-friendly systems and processes


Human Resources Software (HRSoftware) is a human resources management and planning tool which consists of two modules which can be used together or separately:

Human Resources Planner (HRPlanner)

Is designed to:

  • create company organisational structures
  • model staff establishments based on workload
  • generate human resource (HR) reports

Human Resources Administrator (HRAdmin)

Is designed to:

  • manage daily HR affairs, such as appointments, leave, benefits and training
  • capture details of employee movements and deliver accurate status reports to managers on all areas of HR management
  • work with HRPlanner and financial systems to ensure that transitions to new systems happen quickly and seamlessly.

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